All About Golf Cart Batteries

golf cart batteries

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Proper maintenance of your golf cart batteries can mean the difference between replacing the batteries in 3-4 years or 8-10 years.  If you are finding that your golf cart batteries are not holding their charge as long or as well as they used to, it may be time to Contact Our Service Department and have your system checked.

Safety First

If you do not feel comfortable working with battery acid and electricity we can service your batteries for you.  Check out our Golf Cart Service page for more information.  Before you work on your batteries be sure to wear gloves and safety goggles.


Remember to clean your golf cart batteries and check the water level each month. Remove any corrosion from the battery terminals. When adding water to a battery, ONLY use distilled water and pay attention to the water levels. We stock several products to automate the battery watering process while reducing spillage.

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Tips for Charging Golf Cart Batteries

1. Fully charge batteries between uses.

Driving a golf cart when your batteries are not fully charged can affect battery performance and shorten the life of your batteries. Make sure your batteries complete the charge cycle before using your golf cart.

2. Check the water level of your batteries frequently.

The hotter the temperature, the quicker your batteries will discharge. The older the batteries, the faster they will use water. Correctly watering golf cart batteries is the most important battery maintenance tip.  Dry batteries are the number one cause of premature battery failure.  Water must be replaced to prevent battery plate damage.  Never allow the electrolyte level to fall below the plates.


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