Fairfield Harbour Golf Cart Rules

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To enhance safety within Fairfield Harbour, the use of golf carts on our roadways is permitted ONLY by the following rules:

Operators Must:

  • Have a current, valid driver’s license issued by a proper authority
  • Have their driver’s license on their person while operating a golf cart on the roadways
  • Have current liability insurance covering the golf cart
  • Obey all the same laws as other drivers on the roadways


  • Carts are NOT allowed on sidewalks
  • Carts must be operated in a safe and cautious manner, and at a reasonable speed for the conditions, but never in excess of the posted speed limit
  • ATVs are NOT golf carts, and cannot be used on the roadways ( or on the golf courses)
  • Carts are subject to the same driving rules as other vehicles


  • Carts operating between dusk and dawn must have installed and operating head lights and tail lights. For your own safety, brake lights are highly recommended